3 Relevant Tips for Influencer Marketers in Nigeria

Influencer marketing is not just about huge followers!

As a social media and community marketing specialist in one of the start-ups in Zurich, Switzerland. I am responsible for identifying and managing influencer partnerships for the company's B2c market. Also, with a background in digital marketing and communications, influencer marketing is one of the skills I adapted really quickly due to my previous experience as a social media enthusiast with a huge follower base (you can follow me on Twitter - parrothub)

Recently, I was assigned the task to scout for influencers in Nigeria. Influencers marketing is one of the social media strategies employed by most businesses today, as this is seen as a way of driving traffic, creating awareness, and increasing sales. Nigerian influencers were sought after, just because the company in question is a social audio platform. A social audio platform is the new media. Social audio is any platform that allows for live/recorded audio interaction. A good example is Angle Audio:

Angle Audio is a free cross-platform social audio app for authentic group conversations. The company now offers audio as a service to companies whi wuch to add audio rooms as a feature to their products. Amazing! You might want to try out there amazing features such as screen-sharing, text-chat and live-celebrations avalaible for users to connect with other users in audio conversations.

Hence, at the end of carrying out the influencer marketing project, here are 3 relevant tips that influencers or companies in need of influencers should consider.

  1. Familiarize yourself with digital tools

Since the world has become a global village, it is quintessential to update yourself with some digital tools to sell yourself professionally. If you wish to work with international brands or organizations endeavor to learn some basic tools and applications such as invoice generators. An invoice generator allows businesses or individuals to automatically generate invoices using existing templates. These applications also help to create credit notes under the standard format. There are tons of free invoicing software and applications. A good example is Wave invoicing

If you desire to work for foreign brands, this is very esssential, as most brands dont do the traditional paper invoice methods.

Another important tool is the digital signature tool. Again I cannot but emphasize the importance of having a digital signing application. A digital signature tool is a special kind of electronic signature. I tell you, these tools give a good impression on your brand. Adobe Fill and Sign is a popular and trusted player in the digital mobile signature space. It is optimized to work with PDFs and runs perfectly on ios and android devices. You can as well check out DocuSign. It is a free tool.

2. Value

Yes, Value! As a result of my previous experience working with influencers, there are tons of influencers out there but only a few give value. When we talk of value, based on my experience if you are looking for quality-based value I strongly recommend LinkedIn as the primary source of quality influencers. Most of the influencers on Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok give value, don't get me wrong. But LinkedIn is a platform for professional interaction, and with this, you can guarantee value. One of the major lessons I learned during the influencer project is that not influencer marketing isn't just about the number of followers or fan base but about how much impact and value can be transferred.

As an influencer, it is very important to understand your audience and ensure that you give value. It is one thing to have a lot of followers, and it's another thing to be able to influence them accordingly.

3. Communication

From my experience, I will at this point suggest that as an influencer in Nigeria, please endeavor to keep the communication line active with your client. Managing Influencers on its own is quite challenging, but what makes it easier is smooth communication. The majority of influencers depend on Whatsapp as a tool of communication due to the current level of technological exposure in Nigeria. I suggest making yourself available as most brands prefer to communicate with people who are readily available when needed.